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    “My husband and I were very satisfied with the professional advice from Lars. He recently assisted us in updating our estate plan. He led us through a process that provided clarity on our goals for our ...”

    - B.K.
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    “He was a great help to me and was very patient to explain all my options, many of which I did not know I had. He also helped me find financial planners which I desperately needed.”

    - Mary M.
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    “The process was easy and we now have a robust estate plan that covers any and all eventualities, protecting both ourselves and our beneficiaries. We highly recommend Lars at Oak City Estate Planning, having done so with friends and colleagues.”

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Quality Legal Support in Raleigh and Throughout North Carolina

At Oak City Estate Planning, we are committed to providing you with the estate planning and legal services you need to effectively plan for your future. We have over 30 years of experience, which gives our Raleigh and North Carolina clients peace of mind and can leverage our experience and knowledge to benefit you.

When you meet with our Raleigh estate planning attorney, we can discuss your situation, concerns, and goals. Our team can help you explore the entirety of your legal options and offer advice on what might best suit your objectives.

We are invested in your long-term success and can continue to work with you to adjust plans to new circumstances or respond to unexpected events. No matter what happens, we are here for you.

Schedule a free vision meeting with our firm by calling (919) 975-5359 or contacting us online.

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We begin with an "Estate Planning Essentials" video for those who are interested in starting the estate planning process. Get in touch with us to access the video today!

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What Makes Us Different
  • Personalized Attention for Each Client

    With our wide range of options, we can provide tailored solutions to your situation and assure you that no two plans will ever be the same.

  • We Put the Plan in Your Hands

    Mr. Kissling believes in empowering his clients to make the right choice for their future. Our simple 4-step process allows you to learn more about estate planning to better understand your available choices.

  • Wide Range of Options

    We never make a hard sell to our clients. We are solutions-oriented and will help you explore several options before putting your plan together.

  • Experienced in Legal Matters

    With over 30 years of experience in law, Mr. Kissling has the experience and skill to help you develop your ideal plan.

Our Practice Areas

We offer a full suite of legal services that can be tailored to your needs. When you come to us with a problem, our team can identify all potential legal strategies and offer insight built on experience that will you make an informed decision.

Our practice areas in Raleigh and North Carolina include:

  • Estate Planning. Everyone needs a plan for what will happen once they are gone. Our experienced Raleigh estate planning law firm can work with you to build an effective estate plan from the ground up or review and update existing plans. We can draft many types of popular documents, including wills, trusts, advanced healthcare directives, and powers of attorney. Our estate planning lawyer can help you leverage estate planning to protect assets from probate and estate taxes. You can get answers to many of your estate planning questions through our estate planning FAQ.
  • Special Needs Planning. Many people living with disabilities receive monetary benefits from the government. Qualifying for these benefits requires abiding by strict income and resource limits, meaning those with special needs will require a different approach to estate planning. Our team can help you use special needs trusts to provide financial security for loved ones without endangering their eligibility for government programs.
  • Elder Law. Seniors may at some point need to live in a nursing home or require other forms of long-term care. Medicare does not generally cover these types of expenses, and assisted living facilities can be prohibitively expensive. In some cases, covering elderly care can wipe out a lifetime of savings. Effective planning can help avoid this unfortunate scenario by leveraging benefits offered by Medicaid. We can also work with families needing to obtain a guardianship for elderly loved ones that are no longer able to care for themselves.
  • Business Succession Planning. You need a plan for what will happen to your business in the event that you choose to retire, become disabled, or pass away. Failure to plan ahead can send an otherwise successful and stable venture into chaos, damaging both your legacy what your loved ones stand to financially gain from your contributions. We can help you develop and enact a robust plan that protects both your interests and your company’s.
  • Probate. Every person’s estate must go through some manner of probate after they pass away. The responsibility of settling someone’s estate often falls to a family member named as executor in the deceased’s will. This requires them to inventory assets, pay outstanding debts, and file updates with a local probate court. Probate can become protracted and strenuous should an estate be especially large or complex. Disputes over the authenticity of a will can also generate painful delays and court battles. Our team can work with you to move through the probate process as efficiently and painlessly as possible and work to resolve any obstacles you might encounter.
  • Medicaid. Medicaid can extend significant government benefits to elderly, pregnant, and disabled individuals who need financial support. Applying and receiving benefits can be a challenge due to the extent of the bureaucracy you will face. We can help you prepare the necessary documents and work to address stalled or improperly rejected applications.

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At Oak City Estate Planning, we believe in empowering our clients to effectively plan for their futures. Our firm individualizes our services to your specific needs and objectives and will work with you until you have the peace of mind you deserve.

Our estate planning lawyer understands that no two plans will ever be the same. That is why we help you understand all of the legal options and tools available to you and offer guidance that is consistent with your goals and addresses any concerns. We are extremely familiar with the ins and outs of North Carolina law and can help you manage cases of any size or complexity.

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